Apple Gift Packs

We use the pick of the crop for all of our gift packs. Your apples are individually selected with care and hand polished without synthetic waxes, as nature intended.  We ship thru December.
Shipping through December 17
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(We do not ship to CA or AZ)

Apple Selection

  • Empire: Unique sweet/tart taste, crisp and juicy. Good for fresh eating and salads. Stores well. Developed in NY State. A perfect blend of Red Delicious and McIntosh. ​ 
  • Winesap/Stayman: Good for eating, salads, sauce, baking and pies.
  • Red Delicious: Sweet Juicy, crisp, yellow flesh. Classic for eating.
  • ​Jonagold:  Blend of tart and sweet, firm texture. One of Europe's most preferred eating apples. Pretty yellow and red blush. 
  • Ida Red: Highly flavored and crisp. Moderately tart, good for cooking, eating and baking. Good for storing.
  • Crispin:  Sweet, yet very refreshing. Very juicy. Extra crisp
    Excellent for eating, sauces, baking and freezing. Good for salads and pies. 

ASL. Apple Single Layer      49.95*

Our best seller, 1/4 bushel of our finest apples packed in a single layer gift box. (25 apples) Select your favorite apple variety or let us choose for you with Watt's best eating mix. 

AdL. Apple double Layer      89.95*

1/2 Bushel of apples

*If going to CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WY, WA ADD $9 

We do not ship to CA or AZ

ASLF.  Apples & 1 lB Fudge      69.95*

Try our gift pack of 1/4 bushel of your favorite apples and ONE full pound of fudge. A gift that is sure to please anyone! 

WHF.  watt's holiday favorite      89.95*

A single layer of fresh apples with a 1/2 pound of our homemade fudge, a jar of homemade jam, and 4 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese.


Apple Gift Box Description 

(Prices include shipping)

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